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  • If you are invited to a Buildster project, Buildster is free.
  • If you create your own projects in Buildster, you receive a free 3 month trial.
  • During your free trial you can create as many projects you want.
  • After your free trial ends each project will have to be subscribed to in order to keep it active.
  • If a project is not subscribed to after the end of a trial, it will be automatically archived after 10 days.
  • You can cancel a subscription at any time to stop your next payment. Your project will remain active until the current term of your subscription comes to an end.
  • If a subscription comes to an end and is not renewed the project will be archived.
  • Buildster runs on any desktop web browser.
  • Buildster Android and IOS apps are needed for mobile use.
  • You can visit the training centre for a variety of videos and tutorials on how to use Buildster.
  • You can email support in the main menu of the mobile apps, or the desktop web app.
  • Buildster supports PDF file format only.
  • When a project is archived, every user in the project receives a notification letting them know.
  • An archived project can be accessed by everyone who was a user in the project, however communication and messaging are disabled.
  • Archived projects will be slower than active projects because they are transferred to a different tier of storage after archiving.
  • Yes, you can re-activate a project that has been archived. All users in the project will be notified about the change.
  • Data is stored in AWS “storage type” for a period of X years.
  • After this time, all project users will be able to either extend or purchase an offline copy of their project data.
  • After this offering, the data will be permanently deleted.
  • You need an internet connection to use Buildster at the moment. We will be adding offline functionality soon.