Inviting people to your project


Inviting people to your project

Buildster is a collaboration platform designed for groups, so it’s important to make sure the right people are in your project.  You can invite people with a “hidden status” or a “visible status”.  This status can be changed at any time in project settings.

Hidden means that these individuals will only be able to interact with owners and managers of your Buildster project. As an owner or manager, you can add any hidden member to conversations or group messaging, but their interaction will be limited to those instances. Sub-trades and arms-length individuals are good examples of potential hidden users, but this all depends on what works for you.

Visible means that these individuals can see all other visible members as well as owners and managers of your Buildster projects. Visible members can start conversations with other visible members as well as add visible members to chats. Good examples of visible members would be internal teams, employees, and other important stakeholders.

  1. Login, make sure you’ve created a project and enter into your project
  2. Tap the ‘teams’ icon (The 3 people in a cluster) on the top right of your mobile device
  3. Once in ‘view team’ tap the top right icon (the person with a plus sign)
  4. Once in ‘Invites’ enter the email and name of the person you want to invite
    • Click the orange ‘contacts’ text on the right under the ‘name field’ if you want to browse your contacts in your device
  5. Select ‘Hide User’ if you want this user to be hidden, or leave unselected if you want this user to be visible
  6. Tap ‘Add to List’ to add the user to the list. (This does not send the invite)
  7. Continue this step if you want to add more than one user. You will see the list grow as you enter additional users
  8. Scroll down and you will see an option to add a personal message. This message will be shown to all the users in your list after you send the invites
  9. Tap ‘Send Invites’ and your invite will be emailed to that user with instructions on how to accept
  10. Once an invite is accepted, you will receive a notification from each person letting you know that they have accepted
  11. You can manage your invites by selecting the ‘Manage Invite’ tab at the top of this screen. Here, you can view who has accepted or not, and re-send invitations that have not been accepted

  1. Click the orange ‘Invite’ button located near the top to the right of your ‘Home and Settings’ Buttons
  2. Follow the same steps as mobile to invite members into your project



What do your invitees see?

  • After you send your invites, your invitees will receive a professional looking email with your project name, address, your personal message and an ‘Accept Invite’ button that will direct them to the Buildster ‘sign up/log in’ page. If they already have a Buildster account, they will just need to login and they will see your invite waiting. If they’re new to Buildster, they will need to sign up for a new account (It’s free for all your invitees), log in, and they will see the invite waiting